Zero to Hero in Microservices with dotnet core - Introduction

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In this series of blog articles, we are going to start from a basic dotnet core MVC application and then improve it to full blown Microservices with state of the art Microservices patterns and practices. To follow this blog service, you will need those tools-

  1. Visual Studio 2019 v16.4 or later or Visual Studio for Mac, which will make our development process much faster and beginner friendly
  2. Visual Studio Code, as this is my favorite test editor and I will use it most of the time
  3. .NET Core SDK 3.1.100, which is the latest LTS version of .NET Core SDK.
  4. Docker Desktop for Windows or Docker Desktop for Mac, we are going to use docker to develop, run and deploy our microservices

We will build an E-commerce Web Application.

To jump throw the list of articles follow the links bellow -

  1. Part 1: MVC Application

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