Setting up Jekyll for the first time

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This is my first Jekyll1 post and I am testing this thing out. So far looking good and fantastic.

At first I tried vanilla Jekyll theme. It was good but not my type. Then tried The Plain2 Jekyll theme. It is what I was thinking of but also not perfect for me. So I am going to use this theme as a base and develop my own from it as I see fit.

This website has only one page and it is my portfolio page. Anyone can visit the page by clicking my profile picture from home page or clicking here

All though my first reason to setup simple Jekyll blog is to focus on writing rather than focusing on useless stuffs, but my hacker mind is firing up and here is the list of task I think I should complete to make this blog useful.

  • Set up comment section
  • Show reading time for each notes
  • Setup icons matching the design for post date and
  • Import blog posts from WordPress/Medium

NOTE: I was sick (Cold Fever) and having trouble concentrating while setting up this blog. So keeping this as simple as possible for the time being.


  1. Jekyll is a tool for transforming your plain text into static websites and blogs. It is simple, static, and blog-aware. Jekyll uses the Liquid templating language and has builtin Markdown and Textile support. - Jekyll 

  2. A minimalist Jekyll theme - The Plain 



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